Largo is shaping the movie industry with and its cutting-edge technologies enabling data driven moviemaking.

We create new business models for the movie industry by taking advantage of the decline of traditional business models in the creative industries and the change of customer behavior in film-watching. We have two focuses for B2C and B2B: short film distribution and data driven moviemaking.

OUR SERVICES - VOD Distribution

Largo has launched as a VOD channel exclusively for films shorter than 40 minutes. If your film is shorter than 40 minutes, commercialize your short in

Data-Driven Moviemaking

Our unique technologies can understand the ingredients of a film and predict the audience reaction from script level to rough cut and fine cut of the film better than any other technology in the world. This enables providing actionable insights for film producers on how to update film from writing level to post-production level.

Sofy Creatives

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