Next Generation Storytelling with LargoAI

We make data-assisted movie-making accessible to the whole industry. Our sophisticated film analytics technology, LargoAI, is a powerful data-driven artificial intelligence program that can be introduced very early in the life of a film. It can be implemented as early as the script phase and can continue to help improve the movie at every stage of development - all the way through filming, post-production and the theatrical release. LargoAI empowers production companies with data-enhanced ROI uplift while massively reducing risk.


LargoAI for Producers

Our unique technology can actually understand the ingredients of a film and predict the audience reaction to each part. It can be implemented at any stage, from the script to the final cut, and will identify parts that can be improved. This allows our specialists to suggest actionable insights to film producers, which, in turn, empowers them to improve the film as they go along.

LargoAI for Advertisements

Every brand out there has its own cognitive identity that allows it to connect on an emotional level with its customers. LargoAI’s emotion-based understanding system can learn a brand’s cognitive identity by analyzing its existing video ads and how each affected the audience. From this information, LargoAI is able to guide the creative process and empower filmmakers to create powerful new video ads that directly match the company's cognitive identity.

LargoAI for Movie Distributors

Which films are right to acquire for distribution? In which country should they be distributed? Which marketing strategy will work best? LargoAI can provide accurate answers to these questions. Get LargoAI's opinion before making important acquisition decisions so as to minimize the financial risks.