We are distributing short films worldwide, with a focus on bringing the best international short films to large audience through sofy.tv. Largo started its activities, driven by passion for short films, and by deeply believing in their artistic value.

We extend the short films journey beyond the film festivals.

Our partners are filmmakers from all over the world, who create films that can appeal to a wide audience. Their value is proved by numerous awards they win in significant international film festivals.

With our new VOD channel sofy.tv, we create opportunity for short filmmakers to commercialize their films and reach to a large audience.

We believe that short films deserve to be watched.

VOD Distribution

Largo is launching sofy.tv as a new innovative VOD channel for short films. If your film is shorter than 40 minutes, commercialize your short in sofy.tv.

General Distribution

We do worldwide distribution of high quality short films.

Theatrical Release

By grouping short films of similar style together, we offer a new product that can fit the cinema standards, having a total running length of a standard feature film.