We presented at the online seminar, AI: Ethics and Legal Aspects on May 10, 2022.

As AI is becoming a fundamental part of our lives in any fields, the policymakers are studying the ethical and legal aspects of AI applications. We shared our views in relation with the audiovisual industry in the conference.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the technological landscape rapidly. This also affects the audiovisual industry and offers many possibilities but also presents legal and ethical challenges that need careful consideration: collecting and analyzing reliable data, handling this data responsibly, risks of legal infringements of copyright or personal rights and model bias.

This compact online seminar offers industry professionals an overview on the current state of AI, with a focus on the audiovisual industry, and breaks down the most important legal and ethical aspects audiovisual professionals need to consider before implementing it in their work. Participants will also be introduced to useful AI applications for the audiovisual industry.