Our AI predicted the Success of Venom with a High Degree of Accuracy

We performed a case study for Sony Entertainment using LargoAI to assess the likely box office gross for Venom. LargoAI made an incredibly accurate prediction of Venom's box office revenue. While the real US box office revenue was $213 million, LargoAI predicted $201 million. Predictions regarding the revenues from other countries were extremely close to the actual gross as well.

Italian Box Office was Predicted 4 Months Before the Release

Domani e Un Altro Giorno is an Italian feature film directed by Simone Spada. It stars Marco Giallini and Valerio Mastandrea. The producers asked LargoAI to predict the gross prior to the release of their film.

LargoAI's script analysis of Domani e Un Altro Giorno predicted an expected Italian box office gross of somewhere between €1.6 million and €3.9 million. This estimate was to prove accurate, despite an unpredictable slowdown in the Italian movie market in the first quarter of 2019 when the film was released.

A Box Office Failure Detected by LargoAI

Roman J Israel Esq. lost $11 million at the box office. Analyzing the film, LargoAI predicted a large interval of potential revenue, which indicates a high risk. Also, a significant part of this interval was below the film’s $22 million production budget. If the producers had used LargoAI, they would have been aware of this risk. One of two options would have been to cancel the project, the second would have been to use LargoAI to improve the content and thereby reduce the risks.

82% Accuracy for Giving Greenlight to Projects

Based on the script analysis and other film metadata (budget, director and cast, production country, etc.), Largo's AI software can predict if a script in development should be greenlighted.

When analyzing a sample of 50 US films released in the last 3 years, the Largo AI engine was able to accurately predict which ones should have been given the green light with an 82% degree of accuracy.

Revenue Predictions for 12,000 Films

Based on our unique film recipe analysis technology and other film metadata, LargoAI can predict an interval for the expected gross revenue of a movie. We have already made a case study of over 12,000 films. LargoAI managed to predict a revenue category for eighty-one percent of these films with a high degree of confidence, while nineteen percent were found not safe enough to predict.

When the range of possible revenues is cut into three intervals, Largo's AI agent achieved a cross-validated accuracy of 86%.

When the range of possible revenues is cut into nine intervals, narrowing the prediction range, LargoAI achieved a cross-validated accuracy of 70%.