Despite the challenges that were brought by Covid-19, 2020 was a year to overcome many challenges and complete many milestones for Largo. Among other achievements, we closed a seed investment round, launched our SaaS platform, doubled the team in our Swiss office by welcoming 5 new amazing team members, and preserved our exponential growth with many important deals.

Most importantly, we are thrilled to announce that today hundreds of feature films in production are using The total budget of those films are far above 1 Billion dollars! It is great to see that the dedication and excellent efforts of our team create a strong impact in the movie industry.

Looking forward to new challenges in 2021.



Largo selected as one of Horizon 2020 start-ups in Berlinale

Largo has launched new SaaS platform –

CHF 700k for Largo’s next generation storytelling tools

Marché Du Film – Cannes and presented an exclusive workshop!

AI Masterclass by MediaDesk Hamburg &

Impressive press coverage for

20 European producers sign up for to Launch on Samsung TV Plus Across Europe