Content Analysis

Using our technology, producers can discover what an audience’s response will be from the very early stages of the production – even as early as the script stage. Furthermore, LargoAI’s predictive analytics is able to predict the reaction from different international audiences, on a country by country basis.

Actionable Insights

Even small changes can dramatically increase revenue potential. After analyzing a script or a film, LargoAI and our data scientists can ascertain which part of the film/script needs to be altered in order to increase the market appeal of the film.

Market Planning

Which countries should be prioritized for the film release? LargoAI can identify the market potential of a film for numerous countries. It will highlight the risks and will predict potential revenues.

Storytelling & Innovation

Our technology could tell that “Black Panther” was going to be a hit before the studio even began production.

We can predict the audience reaction and potential income of a film anytime from the script level to post-production. We can provide actionable insights to help increase the revenue of the film.

Our AI technology works by analyzing all aspects of a movie including video, audio, and text. LargoAI is able to create a recipe of a film automatically. This recipe includes analytics about the change of emotions, genres, and age suitability of a film from start to finish.

Percentage of high revenue films (>100M) within the top 1000 films in 2017.
Percentage of medium revenue films (>10M) within the top 1000 films in 2017.

Script Analysis - Enhancement 15%
Rough Cut Analysis and Ehancement 25%
Fine Cut Analysis and Enhancement 35%
Trailer Predictions 25%
A long term collaboration

We work together with you throughout the entire production as well as the distribution phase for your film. Our work starts as soon as the script of the film is ready. At each step of production, we run our AI technology through all the new film data to provide suggested enhancements. We have a strong research team who prepare our AI for the specific requirements of each film. All of our research is done in a collaboration with EPFL, one of the world’s leading universities.









Revenue Predictions

LargoAI can predict a very accurate gross range for the expected box office revenue of a movie based on the film’s unique recipe and other film metadata. We can make predictions from the script, rough cut, or fine cut version of the film. Check our case studies page for past revenue predictions here.

Geo-Trend Analysis Specific to Your Film

LargoAI can predict the different international audiences’ response to your film, even when it is at the script stage. This allows you to see which countries your film will have more potential in.

Casting Analysis, Actor & Actress Propositions

LargoAI can find the best actors and actresses (from 200,000 people) to fit the ingredients of your film by comparing performances in similar films to yours. If you already have a shortlist for casting, LargoAI can help you to make the right decisions.

Actionable Insights

LargoAI identifies improvements that can be made to your movie during pre-production, rough-cut, and post-production. This enables a targeted sales uplift by realizing the highest potential of the film.