Are you a movie producer or director that is trying to pitch your next project to a production company or film distributor? Well, if you have done so before, you will know that the movie pitch is one of the most difficult parts of the business.

Pitching a film of any kind is not only a daunting experience but also often involves trying to pitch your project to people that you don’t know. While you will know the strengths of your project, and no doubt be passionate about its potential, it is very hard to know what the people you are pitching to are looking for. Often, it only takes a single unimpassioned answer, or the failure to answer the question comprehensively, to doom the meeting.

Ask any producer out there and they will regale you with endless stories of failed pitches where either they got it wrong or they got the producer or distributor from hell.

The problem with the movie pitch is that it is largely based on abstractions, at least as far as the producer or distributor is concerned. They have to try to gauge whether the plot has potential, what the likely audience will be, how much it has the potential to gross, etc. Then, with this information, they have to decide whether to green-light the movie for production and how much to budget, etc.

Naturally, with all this going on, the stakes are very high when it comes to getting the movie pitch right.

But what if a movie director or producer could pitch their project using more than abstractions? What if they could pitch their project using reliable insights derived from hard data? Well, today, finally, they can.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Make the Perfect Movie Pitch

Last week we announced that the world’s leading AI-assisted filmmaking company,, announced that its artificial intelligence system would be helping 20 producers to pitch their next projects to a live audience of producers and distributors at the AFM Largo 2022 event.

This live event took place on the 4th of November and is designed to demonstrate just how much the movie pitch can be enhanced by accurate AI support data.

Imagine how much more confident you would be pitching a project when you can show accurate movie gross projections and key projection information such as top choice actors to play a particular role, etc. This, in effect, would be a superhero-like confidence suit that would boost the likelihood that you are going to be successful.

Those who were able to attend the AFM Largo 2022 got to see first-hand how AI-derived insights can be used to enhance a film pitch. For the benefit of those who can’t, we will summarize some of the main ways.

Predictions you can Trust

As we have already touched upon, going to a pitch armed with reliable data will not only boost the likelihood that producers and distributors will be interested in it but will also boost the confidence of the person pitching it, which will, in turn, boost the likelihood that producers and distributors will be attracted to the energy and confidence behind the project.

Since AI-assisted moviemaking technology marries the incredibly powerful sciences of artificial intelligence and big data analytics, it is able to not only analyze enormous pools of data (which no human could possibly even hope to do) but also to utilize AI to gain a ‘perspective’ on the analysis it conducts of all that data. In the same way as we humans do, these AI systems are able to gain a much deeper understanding or perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Having analyzed hundreds of thousands of movies in depth, and correlated how specific elements of those films have resonated with different audiences around the globe, these AI systems are able to derive accurate insights in regard to new projects as early as the script phase.

Examples of AI-assisted Moviemaking Tools:

  • Genre Recipes
  • Gross Predictions (by region)
  • Actor Suggestion
  • Gender Onscreen Time Ratios.

Since these insights are derived from such a large pool of data, they are more accurate than any human ‘hunch’ or perspective. This means that they can be considered much better ‘evidence’ when analyzing any given project’s suitability.

As such, producers and distributors can use this data to make a much more informed decision as to which projects are for them and which are not.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Project

While you as the director, writer, and even the producer might think you know your film project inside and out, the reality is that you can only see as far as your eyes will let you. This means that there are literally billions of perspectives that you cannot account for completely. Were there not, then every film ever pitched would have been accepted.

AI filmmaking tools help filmmakers and producers to understand their films better. By offering the perspective of a large audience, through tools such as ‘Genre recipe’, they allow filmmakers to see how others will view their movies, back to front.

Knowing How to Pitch Your Project

Not only do these tools help movie-makers to refine their projects during production, but also allow them to understand a broader perspective on how their films are being perceived by others, which in turn, allows them to understand how to properly pitch them to prospective distributors. 

This is key to getting all their hard work to pay off, as it means that their movies will get the best possible distribution and reach the right audiences. 

If you wish to learn more about how to pitch your film using AI filmmaking tools then head to to find out more or you can watch a producer using Largo’s AI to pitch their movie here.