On November 4th, Largo.AI will hold an event where global producers will pitch their next projects with results provided by artificial intelligence.

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with big data analytics, has been creating an enormous buzz around the world. Industries across the board, from the movie business to supply chains, have been undergoing a revolution thanks to the application of AI.

Within the film industry, those ahead of the curve who have already adopted AI tools into their production processes have benefited enormously. Tools such as genre analysis, actor suitability, and movie gross prediction are already having a significant impact on the global movie business.

20 Producers to Pitch Their Next Projects

In a collaboration with AFM, a total of 20 producers will use AI results to help them to pitch their in-development project. The audience will be packed full of film buyers, distributors, and financiers, so the stakes are high.

Largo.AI will provide a range of insights and forecasts relating to how audiences will react to different elements of the final film including potential box office gross, etc.

While this is not the first time that Largo has organized such an event,  having previously done so at EFM and Cannes. AFM, EFM, and Cannes are major film markets and Largo collaborates with them to organize the pitching sessions. This event will place a tighter time constriction on the participants pitching their projects by reducing the time to do so from 4 minutes to 3 minutes.

The 20 participants for this year’s event have already been chosen and their projects analyzed. The organizers were very careful to ensure that their projects represented a wide range of projects across a range of different genres. Naturally, this is designed to not only make the project pitch event more interesting but also to show off the power of Largo’s artificial intelligence system.

The event is totally free of charge for AFM badge holders and is open to financiers, distributors, and other producers looking for co-production opportunities. Most of the projects showcased are in the pre-production stage but one is in production and one is in the distribution stage. Most are actively seeking finance or distribution. As such, this event is also aimed at helping these projects to move forward to completion and to get seen.

Projects to be Pitched at AFM Largo.AI 2022 Event:

How to Talk with Spirits, Quentin Lee, Margin Films

The After Light, Anthony Young, Hot Pot Productions
Curfew, Rodolfo Pereira, October Films
Disaster Man, Matt Boda, Absurd Hero Productions
Metis Winter Morning, Donald Morin, Eagle Feathers
Bellmount, Acorye White, “Anchored Lens Productions
C19, Alan Gonzalez, Mariachi Films
Falling Up, Kevin Christoffersen, OM 8 Films
Portales, Michael Miller, Portales Movie
Mekhala, Kathryn Shirin Aboya, Soul Heroine Entertainment
Prem Prakaran, Karl R Janisse, Blackout Media
Prey for Mason, Ian Eyre, Eyre Films
The Hermit, Gerry Pass, Chrome Entertainment
The Arnold Chronicles, John Alfone, “Corsair Media Productions
The Nameless, Brittney London / Natalie Brady, BshellE Media
Disconnected, Eric Karkheck, Maria @ Me
Ubiquitous, Pablo Bobadilla, Bobadilla Productions
Salt Water, Blake McWilliam, Black Road Productions
The Harvesters, Gina Yull, Diversified Pictures
Dreams of Starlight, Dan Hertzog, In the Wee hours

When, Where, and How to Watch

Largo.AI’s pitch event will take place at AFM on November 4th from 2:30 pm until 4 pm PDT.

If you are able to attend AFM festival, the event will take place on Palisades stage.

AFM Festival Location:

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel 1700 Ocean Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90401 United States

To register or for more details please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/afm-2022-producers-pitching-their-projects-powered-by-ai-forecasts-tickets-429643203387

For more information about AFM and our event: https://sessions.americanfilmmarket.com/sessions/producers-pitching-their-projects-powered-by-ai-forecasts/

All of the team from Largo.AI hope that you enjoy the event and that you are equally impressed by the power of AI.

We hope to see you there.