We continue getting invitations/selections for pitching Largo. Two great events that we have pitched recently are GoBeyond AI Night in Lausanne & Startup Days in Bern.

The focus of GoBeyond investment event was AI and machine learning. Here a summary of the event from their words:

We are excited about tonight’s event focussed on AI and Machine Learning in partnership with IMD Business School and EPFL Alumni! It will be a deep dive into the topic with 3 exciting startups in the field: Largo, L2F – Learn to Forecast and Prediva (www.prediva.ch). They will be pitching their ideas in front of over 100 guests and an investor panel formed by experienced Business Angels from the GoBeyond community. This time GoBeyond investors who will provide their feedback on the investment opportunities presented are Luca Merolla, Kenneth Weissmahr and Daniel H.

We have also participated in Swiss Start-up Days second time, after the first participation in the last year. We have pitched in the content and channels track together with 17 other start-ups.