We are excited to be an official partner at 75th Cannes Film Festival for Cannes Next section of the Marché du Film.

Can predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools forecast the success of an independent production from script, genre breakdown, casting decisions, or even box office scenarios?

Together with Largo, Cannes Next presented a high-intensity “shark tank” pitching session where global producers with “in development projects” went face to face with forecasts powered by Largo’s revolutionary production intelligence platform.

During the session, the producers will pitch their projects to financiers and distributors by utilising their AI analysis of the projects over the screenplays.

– The event was open to financiers, distributors, and other producers looking for co-production opportunities. The producers presented the projects in a 4-minute pitch format.
– All projects were in the development or pre-production stages, looking for financing or distribution deals.

The projects presented in the session are the following:

  • Ubiquitous, presented by Pablo Bobadilla, Bobadilla Productions, USA
  • Shaping Waves, presented by Antonio Celotto, Shifting Tides Productions, UK
  • Condicional, presented by Francisco Herve, Juntos Films, Chile
  • Electric Child, presented by Judith Lichtneckert, Perron X, Switzerland
  • Mona Lisa, presented by Carol Bidault De l’Isle, MediaFusion Entertainment, USA
  • Guinea Pig, presented by Hugues Gentillon, Yugy Pictures Entertainment, USA
  • Little Europe, presented by Sabella Sugar, UltraFilms Australia, Australia
  • Two Hues, presented by Weaam Williams, Tribal Alchemy, South Africa
  • Lesser Evil, presented by David Barrera, MINDED, Spain
  • M Squared, presented by Barry Alexander Brown, Number 23 LLC, USA
  • Commander Frank, presented by Ole-André Rønneberg, Gullskrinet AS, Norway
  • In Arcadia, presented by Daniel Florencio, I Made it FilmsLtd, UK
  • Mekhala, presented by Kathryn Shirin Aboya, Soul Heroine Entertainment Inc., Canada
  • Mena, presented by Francisco Carrasco, Apnea Films, Spain
  • Meilicheng the Good Life by Rahma Benhamou El Madani, Plein Cadres, France/Morocco