IMD announced the results of start-up competition for 2019. Largo is one of the winners. We will be working together with the students of Executive MBA class, using Largo as their case study, and make a visit to US in September in order to pitch Largo to Silicon Valley VCs.

Every year since 1998, IMD has searched for a group of promising early-stage ventures to work with the experienced managers in our fulltime MBA, and EMBA cohorts. The idea for the competition was sparked by a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist. IMD’s Dr. Jim Pulcrano, who helped create the EMBA, had explained to the high-powered VC, the school’s plans to enhance the students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation by visiting the San Francisco Bay area. When Jim asked if he’d be willing to speak to the class, he responded that he’d prefer to have them speak to him, and that he’d like to hear their business ideas, and, even better, he’d like them to pitch real startups to him…. Thus, was born the IMD Startup Competition, and 20 years later, more than 400 Swiss startups have collaborated with IMD.