Largo was special guest of Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), one of the most prestigious film festival of Mexico.

Rodrigo Galavis from our Los Angeles office represented Largo at GIFF and gave a training to movie producers and distributors about the usage of artificial intelligence in the movie industry and how LargoAI can be applied on their films. We have got a great amount of interest from the audience.

Largo also provided 2 awards for the festival. The winner of feature film in the international category and the winner of screenplay competitions were awarded with the application of LargoAI on their film.

  • Best International Feature Film: Ghost Tropic, Dir. Bas Devos, will get a LargoAI distribution support.
  • Best Screenplay: El Buzo by Paula Natalia de Anda Vargas,will get a LargoAI screenplay support.