After being selected as one of the winners of IMD Start-up competition, our start-up was studied by 4 e-MBA students to be pitched in front of Silicon Valley VCs during summer. For that goal, we were together with all e-MBA students  on 7-14 September in Silicon Valley, with a program coached by Jim Pulcrano. During the week, one of tasks was to understand the dynamics of the Silicon Valley and what makes it different than anywhere in the world. We had the visits to both start-ups and big corporates in the valley. We had great feedback that would bring some learning for Largo.

We would like to thank once again to Jim PulcranoIMD Executive MBA for this great event and selecting Largo. And a special thanks to e-MBA students Reinier DeGraaf, Tant Boothman, Tatiana Butovich, and Nicolas Cabrera, who studied and pitched Largo.