It is official! 2021 will see use its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help revolutionize the way that the advertising industry creates its new video commercials.

This will only mean one thing: better commercials that hit the spot with their target audience!

And the great news is if you are an advertiser then you might just be in with the chance to be one of the few companies that get to unlock the power of artificial intelligence to help you create a perfect new commercial for your company or clients.

Putting the A and I into Advertising announced in the last few days that it would be teaming up with Zurich-based advertising company, Stories AG. The company is a well-known advertising platform that has created a number of tops commercials., an AI-assisted filmmaking company, has spent years developing and training its leading artificial intelligence system in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Swizerland, one of the world’s leading data science universities.

The platform’s AI, which it calls “”, has analyzed over 200,000 films and scripts and provided valuable insights for some of Europe’s top producers. Thanks to all its hard work, has now reached an 86% accuracy level in certain analysis parameters. It recently saw one of its results go viral after it predicted that the best new Bond would be actor Henry Cavill.

Largo announced that it had been approached by Stories AG to see if it would be possible to apply its AI technology to help them in the process of creating commercials for the advertising industry. Naturally, with so much potential new revenue at stake, Stories AG wanted to see if could repeat its predictive success with movie analysis with video commercials.

Thankfully, accepted the challenge and has already retrained its system after 6 months of work to ‘understand’ what makes a successful commercial and how audiences will respond to it. The company announced in a press release that it was already achieving very high levels of accuracy, stating that’s independent results had confirmed the “conventional research” done by the industry.

While this partnership is not the first application of AI to advertising (Netflix announced that it was using AI to create better trailers to advertise its own original TV and film content to its users), it does represent the first time that a company has jumped on the challenge to democratize this powerful new technology by providing access to everyone.

Indeed, this is actually one of the real issues relating to AI, both in the short term and the long term, that the power it brings to connect companies to their users will be monopolized by a few big companies. Where such a situation to happen, then AI would quickly make these companies able to dominate their respective industries, as was the case with Netflix, which already owes an enormous amount of its success to AI.

By democratizing big data analytics and AI technologies in the movie business, and now the advertising industry,, in partnership with Stories AG, is leveling the playing field to allow even the smallest companies the chance to succeed.

Financial Support for a Winning Ticket also announced that it had received a generous grant of 550,000 Swiss Francs ($550k USD) by Innosuisse due to the promise of its AI technology. The money is to allow the company to continue to develop and improve the system so that it can one day reach its true potential.

Dr. Radhakrishna Achanta, project manager from IVRL, commented that “There is a big potential with Largo’s technologies aimed at understanding the potential of a story. We can advance this technology further, allowing AI to suggest how to improve a story to reach its marketing targets by suggesting possible alterations to the script or video cut of the advertisement. Over the next 2 years, we will work on that together with Largo and Stories AG”

The Time to act is now

With this generous funding and a newly trained for commercials, Stories AG can use its breadth of industry knowledge and experience to allow a select group of advertisers to test their projects in order to see how much AI can provide for the industry at the current time.

If you are an advertiser or advertising agency that is interested to be part of the first commercially available AI-assisted advertising trial then get in contact with Stories AG or now to sign up.

The most exciting projects will be picked by the team at Stories AG and put into the trial so that they can gain exclusive access to to test out their projects to receive insights about how audiences will likely respond to them.

The clock is ticking, sign up today.