Largo was invited to Cannes Film Festival to present Largo to the industry during Cannes Next program. Cannes Next program covered the new emerging companies that might shape the future of film industry. It was a great honor to be considered as one of these start-ups.

The presentation was kicked off by Maria Tanjala, of UK-based blockchain platform Filmchain, which collects, allocates and analyses revenues for film and TV (watch the interview); this was followed by Germany’s aiconix, an AI tool that automatically creates content and was presented by Eugen L Gross. The next start-up was Largo Films from Switzerland, whose Sami Arpaintroduced a data-driven tool that offers AI analysis from a script, a rough-cut version or the final cut of a film. From Estonia, Aivar Laan introduced Festivality, a platform that enables festivals and live events to build smarter, customised apps for mobile phones. Meanwhile, Ireland’s usheru helps connect film distributors and promotional partners in order to find audiences for their films, according to Oliver Fegan. The second Estonian start-up, represented by Kristian Kalle, was VideoCV, a professional recruitment platform where employers can view video CVs by potential candidates and applicants, which is open for casting now.

Largo also made a call to meet the producers during the festival. We have made our European market entry during the festival. It was great to witness a big interest by producers in our technology. We had full schedule meetings during 4 days.