At this year’s EFM, we brought 30 movie projects analysed by AI in a pitching event on February 11th. With fifteen European and fifteen American producers, the filmmakers pitched their films during the two sessions. The event was part of the 2022 Berlinale and was associated with the European Film Market (EFM). The event hosted by Arianne Alcorta.

– The projects looking for financing or distribution deals were presented by the producers in an elevator pitch format.

– All projects were analysed by AI and the AI forecasts of the projects were provided during the presentations.

– A catalogue of the projects together with the AI results was provided to the participants after the event.

– The event was open for financiers, distributors, and other producers.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to present our technology to filmmakers around the world at this year’s European Film Market,” states Sami Arpa, co-founder and CEO of Largo. “That we could assemble 30 producers to pitch their projects and trust our technology to work for them is a testament to the trust and confidence filmmakers have in our abilities.”

The event initiated many acquisition and financing discussions for the presented projects.



First Session:

Lee-Loi Chieng, LLC FIlms, UK
Francisco Carrasco, Apnea FIlms, Spain
Rahma Benhamou El Madani, Plein Cadres, France
Uwe Schwarzwalder, KUSMagic Productions, Switzerland
Ole-André Rønneberg, Gullskrinet AS, Norway
Johanna Horn, Minded Productions, Spain
Tonio Kellner & Jakob Zapf, Neopol Films, Germany
Christophe Bruncher, Ici et Là Productions, France
Stephen Cranny, RSH Films, UK
Eduardo Carneros, Euskadi Movie, Spain
Robert Williams, Vaticinate Pictures, UK
Carlo D’Ursi, Protenza Producciones, Spain
Arash T. Riahi & Lucas Czjzek, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Austria
Judd Tilyard, Running Mantis, Australia
David Corredor & Spiros Stathoulopoulos , Candelaria Films, Colombia
Ivana Urízar, Picante Productora, Paraguay

Second Session:

Pablo Bobadilla, Bobadilla Productions, US
Sean Cisterna, Mythic Productions, Canada
Anne Leigh Cooper & Robin Singer, Black 26 Pictures, US
Mehmet Gungoren & Kenan Baysal,Zeropoint MK, US
Ricky Crawford, Avenue Red Cinema, UK
Talal Malik, Alpha1 Media, UK
Radik Kudoyarov, RITE, France
Jorge Caballero & Anna Girtt, Gusano Films, Spain
Alex Martin, European Star Cinema, Switzerland
Kevin Pontuti, Hysteria Pictures, US
Susan Schmidt, Avenue Road Productions, Australia
Zuzana Gedeon, ZGecko Productions,US
Karl Janisse, Blackout Media, Canada
John Dean Alfone, Corsair Media ,US
Daryn Simons, Cohesive Entertainment Group, US
Weaam Williams, Tribal Alchemy, South Africa