We participated to European Film Market – EFM with a major workshop on the usage of AI in European Movies. We were thrilled with the level of interest, approximately 1000 virtual seats were reserved by the movie industry professionals! The workshop took place on Thursday 4th with the moderation of Ana Maria Montero, the presentation of Sami Arpa and the panel discussion of Sophie Erbs and Judith Lichtneckert.

We presented the results of our MediaDesk Suisse supported initiative in which 22 European producers used our AI tools on 80 movies in the pre-production, post-production, & distribution phases. One important result we shared in the workshop was about AI proposed actors for these movies. Our AI engine in total suggested 1094 different actors for 80 films. It is an indication of that AI has not created the narrow clusters of options and repeating the same talents. But it brings many different options, even some options hidden in the corner, that might add good impact for those movies. #artificialintelligence #moviemaking