We organised the 5th Edition of the Ouchy Film Awards with the theme of “Cinema through the lens of the AI”. The AI was integrated to the festival in the three dimensions: Firstly, we had an AI jury that has been a part of the process to select the winners. Secondly, we had 4 panels to discuss the future of film industry and the influence of AI together with the producers and artists. Finally, we had a pitching session for Largo.ai customers who presented their projects empowered by the AI results.

Here we share the links for the panels and events:

Financing movies with the help of AI
with Lukas Beckenbauer (Silver Reel, Zürich), Quentin Lee (Margin Films, Vancouver), and Talal Malik (Alpha1Media, London)

What problems AI can solve within filmmaking?
with Bastian Schöttner (Terra Mater Studios, Berlin), Kathryn Aboya (Soul Heroine Entertainment, Caledonia), and Sami Arpa (Largo Films, Lausanne)

How does the human (artist) adapt to AI’s suggestion?
with Jonathan O’Hear (Festival AiiA, Geneva), Pierry Jaquillard (ECAL, Lausanne), Susan Schmidt (Avenue Road Productions, Sydney), and Uwe Schwarzwalder (KUSmagic Productions, Zürich)

What is the future of film industry?
with Jelena Goldbach (ZAK Film Productions, Potsdam), Loredana Rehekampff (Samsara Filmproduktion, Vienna), and Matthieu Rubin (Sazia Films, Paris)

Producers pitching their project analyzed by AI