Largo had a pleasure of being a part of discussions at this year’s Geneva International Film Festival with 3 panels.

At first panel we searched answers to the following questions: “Can next European indie hit be predicted by Artificial Intelligence? What AI can already do for independent filmmakers and why and how producers should acquire basic data skills.”

Understanding and Applying Innovative Technology to Independent Productions

At the second panel we had a roundtable: “There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has changed the job of the showrunner to some extent and that in the future it will play a very important role in the writing of series. What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI and how can we use it effectively for creative purposes?”

Showrunners and AI: Technology at the service of creation

Finally we were a part ArtTech Foundation’s curation as one of alumni: “After five years of existence, the ArtTech Foundation has demonstrated its role in promoting technological innovation in the arts. From the use of predictive algorithms to the creation of 3D animation or mapping, five promising technologies for the future of the audiovisual and film industry will be presented on this occasion.”