Largo was a guest of the October edition of Zürich für den Film. The topic of the edition was the implications of artificial intelligence in the movie industry: “success guarantor or death of creativity”. Sami presented our tools for data-assisted moviemaking. 

Following Largo’s presentation; Selim Petersen, film critic SRF, led a panel discussion on the topic with Stina Werenfels, director, Julia Krättli, director of Zurich Film Foundation, Samuel Schwarz, cultural manager, producer, & director and Christian Iseli, director of film research centre, Zhdk.

It was a great event to see the overall discussion around AI’s integration in the movie industry. We motivate the industry to see our technologies as an assistance tool rather than a threat to replace the human creativity.

We would like to thank the organizers Kaja Eggenschwiler and Judith Lichtneckert for the great event.